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Are Health And Fitness Idols Really Inspiring Us?

Google ‘perfect body’ and will find yourself searching through 1.38 billion results! Are You Truly Being Inspired? When I was in my late teens and early-20s, I wanted to look like a

Weight Training Squat

Why you need to rest your body to grow your muscles

What if I told you that muscles aren't made in the gym, but instead they're built from the moment you stop lifting?

Can’t Lose The Fat? This Is The Number 1 Reason Why…

And the research shows that you’re definitely not alone. The Secret… We’re All Unknowingly Lying To Ourselves. Many of us want to lose weight and keep it off. We go

This 1 question can predict whether you’ll stick to your fitness regime…

When it comes to fitness, the most important element is finding a form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy.

Scheduling Calendar

When being accountable to yourself isn’t enough

Accountability is something you choose to exhibit. So what do you do when being fully responsible for your own actions and consequences isn't enough?