Konquer Fitness At Home Online Personal Training

The results and guidance of one-on-one training meets the affordability and accessibility of online fitness.

If your schedule has you pressed for time…

If you’re constantly travelling for work…

If you simply can’t stand peak hour at the gym…

Online Small Group Personal Training will provide you with the guidance and support of Personal Training with the freedom and affordability of online training.

Why Online Training?

Whether you’re the type of person that needs to get their exercise in before the chaos of the day, or the type to want to unwind after a long day of work, going to the gym in peak hour isn’t making the top of anyone’s list.

If you’ve tried working out in the morning, you know the struggle of getting to the gym is real…

You’ve got to drag yourself out of bed; find your gym clothes while you’re still half asleep, get dressed; grab something small to go while you get in your car; drive to the gym in the dark; find a parking spot…only to spend the first half of your workout just trying to wake up!

Then there’s the choice of an always moist gym shower (yuck) or cutting your workout short so you can rush home to get showered, have breakfast and still get to work on time.

To be fair, if you’re an evening exerciser, you don’t get it any easier…

You get the pleasure of working your butt off all day only to have that never ending list of last minute tasks piling up, work colleagues chasing you, dinner needing to be made, and a never ending list of chores that always seem to be calling your name.

After putting that all aside, turn down plans with your friends, and make an excuse just to get out of on time; you have to get dressed in a cramped toilet; sit in peak-hour traffic trying not to doze off; struggle to find parking; struggle to find a treadmill to warm-up on… only to have to spend half your session tripping over dumbbells left on the floor and waiting for your turn on a piece of equipment that just been covered in sweat.

Then there’s the ordeal of getting home late, trying to pull together something to eat, and try to get to bed at a half-decent time.

How do I know?

My clients and I have all been there, done that, and agree that it became mighty old, mighty fast.

A Better Solution…

But what if instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym in peak hour, you could…

Stay in your bed that extra 20 minutes (I know you desperately want to – don’t try and deny it), or save yourself the pain of working out in a loud, funky smelling, over-crowded gym, and have your have your very own Personal Trainer waiting for you no matter where you are.

That’s right…

No rushing around trying to squeeze in a workout;

No sharing unsanitary equipment;

And your very own shower waiting for you at the end!

If that sounds good to you, Konquer Fitness Online Small-Group Personal Training has you covered.

You can now get the support and guidance of One-On-One training, blended with the affordability and fun of Group Fitness… all from the comfort and privacy of home!

That’s right…

Gone are the days of being awkwardly stared at by a stranger at the gym, or hiding in the back corner of the class because you feel un-co, only to have the instructor move you to the front.

Online Small-Group Personal Training is real personal training, minus the price tag.

And with a focus on resistance training… Gone are the days of slugging it on a treadmill, or even worse… doing burpees.

Because we don’t do that here!

My training methods allow me to work with you to develop shapely muscle definition, increase your physical strength and gain some serious confidence in yourself inside and out!

Do I Need To Buy Equipment?

Don’t have an at-home gym? No worries!

I work with clients that have a variety of equipment available to them.

Whether you’re using your own body-weight and a single resistance band, or you’re lucky enough to have your own set-up of dumbbells and equipment at home… every session will challenge you and leave you feeling pumped, ready to take on the day!

“Thanks for another great session this morning, the virtual workouts are fantastic and keep me totally motivated and looking forward to the next session – I definitely wouldn’t have the motivation to get up and workout on a cold morning otherwise!”

So if you’re ready to reclaim your peak-time workouts, and save yourself both time and money, fill out the registration form by clicking on the button below.

Fitness In North Perth

Because each of these sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 attendees!

So don’t wait another month, trying to fit exercise into your busy schedule, and kicking yourself for still being in the same place and not having started.

Jump on board today… and join our other members who are already saying,

“I feel stronger and healthier than ever because of the past couple of months in small group training.”

Enquiries: If you’re ready to take on the challenge and have fun along the way, contact Eva on 0414 392 746 or email eva@konquerfitness.com.au.

Client Testimonials…

“After having tried a number of different gyms with different approaches and a variety of trainers, I have to say that Eva is by far my favourite and in my opinion the very best.

I go in for the semi-private personal training sessions, which as I’ve found suit me perfectly – I don’t like being the sole focus, as happens in one-on-one personal training sessions, I like having space and time on my own to do things at my own pace; and the added benefit of semi-private is that the class sizes are very small (5 at maximum, though normally there are 4 of us), so I don’t feel like I’m getting lost amongst everyone else, and there is more than enough time for Eva to watch over us all – and she does! Eva picks up immediately what’s going on just by watching, and we’re working on strengthening what’s lacking.

Since beginning, I’ve progressed steadily in weights and have begun to feel more and more strong in my body. Also, my motivation has remained as Eva keeps the sessions INTERESTING!

Oh and she is just lovely. Eva consistently offers her considerable knowledge at every session and I always come away having learnt something new.

Can’t recommend enough. ” – Chloe

woman doing sports on a mat following online classes with laptop at home

“Eva is an attentive and thorough trainer. She listens to goals and respects individual barriers and challenges, and this is reflected in her programs.

She is a great motivator as well – she can see barriers but knows when you can push past them and helps you do that.

I feel stronger and healthier than ever because of the past couple of months in small group training.

I’d absolutely recommend Eva to anyone.” – Brittany

Woman Exercising At Home Via Online