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Eva Niedzwiedz Personal Trainer North Perth Konquer Fitness Perth's Best Gym

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create and achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.

And most of us, that means embracing exercise as a more regular part of our lives.

To make that happen, exercise needs to become a fun and exciting part of your life, not a source of anxiety and frustration.

So if you have the desire to improve your health and fitness, we can work together to help you lose weight, gain muscle and develop a healthier lifestyle without feelings of guilt, pressure or judgment.

My Personal Health And Fitness Journey

I know what it’s like to step foot in a gym as feel out of place. And I understand the stress of juggling the demands of life whilst trying to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle.

After-all, my own journey hasn’t been picture perfect. I experienced severe depression and battled eating disorders throughout in my teens and twenties; I broke my ankle in a motorcycle accident and was paralysed with an autoimmune disease known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome; and I learnt to live with post-viral fatigue as well as Ulcerative Colitis, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease.

But no matter what’s happened, I always found power, comfort and confidence in lifting weights.

That is why I’m so passionate about creating training programs and environments that are welcoming, supportive and flexible to your unique needs.

The Konquer Fitness Approach To Training

My focus isn’t on short-term gimmicks such as getting ‘shredded for summer’. Nor is it on pushing people into extreme 30-day diet and fitness regimes… Because I’ve seen the damage, mentally, physically and emotionally, many of these types of quick-fixes cause.

It is on encouraging individuals to develop better, more sustainable lifestyle choices. Healthy choices that suit their personal needs and can therefore last a life time, not just a week or month.

So whether you’re looking to reclaim your missing vitality, fit back in your favourite clothes, or embrace a feeling of strength and confidence, we can work together to to accomplish your health and fitness goals… in a way that makes you smile.

What Konquer Fitness Clients Have To Say…

“I have had a few PT trainers in the past and all which have resulted in injury due to their instruction. Eva on the other hand has had injuries and knows how important each muscle group (no matter how small) is in regards to rehab. In addition to Eva being incredibly knowledgeable she is a delight to train with, incredibly motivational and absolutely gets the best out of me each session (even if I am struggling). Each session is very well thought out and she is constantly adjusting weights and exercises to make sure I am always improving.” – Nena

“Eva is an excellent personal trainer who gets results. She is encouraging and listens to the goals you want to achieve and tailors the workouts to achieve those goals specifically. She explains why she gets you to do certain exercises and how they link to your goals. Eva clearly enjoys seeing people achieve their goals and celebrates successes with her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Eva to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy – she is a great motivator and personal trainer.” – Kate

“I’ve been training with Eva for the past few months and really enjoy her approach. She always evaluates how you perform in each session to help build the right program for you, identifying areas you need to strengthen to reach your goal. I have had knee and back issues for years which I did not identify the cause of. Eva was able to spot the problem muscle groups and help me build them back up so my back is much more stable. I can highly recommend Konquer Fitness” – Kyle

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