Question: Will Lifting Weights Make Me Look Manly?

Strong Healthy Beautiful Young Woman Flexing With Male Biceps

Myth: Lifting weights makes women look manly.

Woman and Man Bicep Curling Dumbbell

As a Personal Trainer and weight-training lover, the biggest and most common weight lifting myth I come across, and the one that I find keeps most women off the gym floor, is the fear that lifting weights will make them masculine or bulky.

So let me clear this one up for you, once and for all…

It’s simply not true.

Truth: Lifting weights builds muscle, burns fat, and makes women stronger, healthier and shapelier.

What Results Do Most Women Get From Lifting Weights?

Whilst women who take to the floor to lifts weights will become stronger over time, this does not mean they will start bulking up or developing a masculine physique.

In fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

Women who lift weights regularly find themselves not only gaining confidence in their strength and ability to kick-ass in the gym, but they become healthier both physically and mentally, as well as finding the shape of their body becoming more shapely, feminine and toned.

Why Won’t Women Become Masculine?

Strong Healthy Beautiful Young Woman Flexing With Male Biceps
  1. To gain muscle mass effectively, a calorie surplus of around 500 calories per day is required alongside a well structured, muscle-tearing weight-lifting program.
  2. When compared to their male counterparts, women simply do not produce the high levels of testosterone needed to put on muscle the way males do.

    Even female bodybuilders with years of strict dieting and training can’t build the same amount of muscle or build muscle at the same rate as their male counterparts.
  3. Many female competitors (those that may come to mind when someone says female bodybuilder) use substances such as anabolic steroids to achieve their muscular physiques.

    Coupled with unbelievable work ethics, hours of lifting extremely heavy weights in the gym, great genetics and impeccable diets, these extreme stereotypes, which have become strongly associated with female weight lifting have created the belief that women will get bulky from weight lifting.

What Results Can I Expect?


When you stop take a look around the free weight section of your local gym, you see a more balanced, truer representation of what women who lift look like…

My clients and myself are all examples of people who lift weights.

So be assured… there’s nothing to fear when it comes to lifting weights, only plenty of great stuff to gain!

Countless studies have shown that women who do resistance training are not only stronger, leaner, and healthier than those who do not, but they have greater bone density, stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as having better joint and overall metabolic function.

And what does that mean? Well, having more muscle and a greater metabolic function means that you continue to burn more calories at rest and on a daily basis just from having more lean muscle mass.

And that right there is pretty damn awesome.

So if you would like to get stronger, more shapely and build some muscle so that you can burn more calories while resting, click on this link and get started today!

And if you’re a local Perth girl like me, and would like free daily support and advice on how to lose weight, get fit and love yourself along the way, join me over at my Facebook Group: Perth Women | Fitness & Wellbeing.

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