DAY 2: 7 Tabata Inspired HIIT Workouts In 7 Days


Day 2… How did you pull up today?

I hope you’re feeling okay because it’s time for round 2.

So let’s set up just as we did yesterday and get started.


As with yesterday, the number of intervals you will be doing can be determined by either how much time you have to workout and/or your level of fitness.

  • Beginners: 2-3 rounds | 7-10 minutes
  • Intermediate: 3-6 rounds | 10-21 minutes
  • Advanced: 7-10 rounds | 24-35 minutes

Now hit the start button and let’s get moving!

Session #2

Konquer Fitness Workout 2.png

As always, if you’re unsure how to perform any of the exercises, have any questions, or would like alternative exercises, don’t hesitate to give me a buzz.

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