7 Way To Stay Motivated To Workout During Winter

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Enjoy the rain

The footpaths are full of fallen leaves, the mornings are darker and getting out of bed is getting harder.

When it gets cold, our motivation to get up and moving decreases substantially. You know the feeling, “It’s too hard to get out of bed on cold, dark mornings.” Hearty winter comfort food begins to make an appearance, and training makes way for curling up on the couch with a blanket.

The next thing you know summer is around the corner, and you end up on a crash diet trying to make up for your winter.

The best way to avoid this is to continue your healthy eating and training habits. So how do you stay motivated?

Train indoors

Rain on window

Instead of using the cold as an excuse not to train, either chose to embrace it or avoid it.

Whilst some believe getting outside for some fresh air and open space will be good for your mind as well as your body, getting out in the cold and wet is never going to appeal to the masses. So why not train indoors?

Whilst gyms and other fitness centres offer the perfect place for those looking to train all year round. However, if the idea of training in a facility bothers you, why not try training at home? DVDs, mobile apps, and online videos and print-outs offer an endless list of resources and training options for every fitness level and training preference.

Train during the day

When possible, avoid those super early morning or late evening workouts when it’s the coldest time of day, and swap these times for daytime sessions. Late mornings, afternoons and early evenings are not only the warmest times of the day, but they’re also when the sun is out, meaning if you train outside, you’ll also get an extra boost of the happy vitamin, Vitamin D for free.

Set a goal

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How can you be motivated if you don’t have a reason to be motivated. Having purpose and direction is essential for drive and focus. Whether it’s a fitness goal such as running 5km or a physical goal such as losing 2kg of fat, having a goal to work towards will give your training purpose, and you a reason to get moving… especially on those days when you otherwise simply can’t be bothered.

If you can’t think of a goal, why not try training for an event? There are plenty of annual fitness events which run throughout the end of winter and spring, when the weather’s still mild and perfect for outdoor events. So grab a friend or set your own personal goal and start working towards it!

Get a trainer

If internal motivations such as goal setting or training for an event are simply not going to be enough to get you going, why not have someone motivate you?

Personal trainers are not only the masters of motivation, but can get you great results in a limited amount of time… which means you can spend more time curled up in bed and still keep on track!

Join a class

If you’re unable to afford a personal trainer, or are limited in how long you’re able to train with one, why not consider join a group class? By surrounded yourself with motivated individuals and a naturally pumped-up environment you’ll find yourself motivated in no time!

[Additional note: I’m happy to announce that I will now be running the morning bootcamps at Ringfit boxing & fitness as well as offering my own Konquer Fitness training services out of the same location. So if you find yourself struggling to get motivated to exercise during winter, and constantly promising you’ll start tomorrow, stop trying to force yourself out of bed for a regular old boring workout, and join me and a great bunch of like-minded folks at this week’s Ringfit boxing & fitness bootcamps. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t trained in years, or whether you’re a gym junkie, by surrounding yourself with motivated people in a fun, energised environment, you’ll not only get a great workout but have a great time doing it.]

Recruit a friend

Recruit A Friend

If winter leaves you lacking will power, why not look at making a commitment to someone else? Think about it, if you can’t seem to get yourself motivated to train in winter, it’s very likely your friends will be the same, so why not pair up? By pairing up for morning for walks or after work workouts, you’ll have a great opportunity to catch up with your friend whilst staying accountable for showing up.

Get online

Join Online Communities

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can make all the difference when it comes to keeping on track and getting motivated. Unfortunately, not everyone has friends who are willing to jump on board, or access to a fitness professional to help keep them motivated.

This is where online fitness communities come in. They allow you to connect with like-minded people from the comfort of your own home in your own time.  Online fitness communities are great at providing support, motivation and accountability which can make sticking to an exercise schedule or diet much easier.

This is the reason I started the Perth Female Health and Fitness Community on Facebook. I wanted to provide a supportive and motivational place for the women of Perth to come together and share their health and fitness journeys. Not only that, but we also come together to encourage each other to complete mini-challenges such as taking the stairs or adding a serving of vegetables everyday for a week, which otherwise we might not do. This just shows the power of community when it comes to staying motivated!

Perth Female Health And Fitness Community


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