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Proof That Age Is No Barrier To Fitness… Or Deadlifting!

Being a Personal Trainer isn’t always easy… but there’s no other job in the world where you get to experience

Weight Training Squat

Why you need to rest your body to grow your muscles

What if I told you that muscles aren't made in the gym, but instead they're built from the moment you

Weight Training Squat

Improve Your Lifting With The Right Warm-Up Process

We all know we should do it, but when it comes to exercise, the first thing to often go when

Why Trying To Lose Weight Is Stopping You From Losing Fat

Body weight is affected by many factors. Whilst most people know how much they weigh, and have an idea in

How to ditch that belly fat once and for all!

In 2012, 62.8% of Aussies 18+ were overweight or obese. Beat the trend!