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5 Tips To Thriving (Not Just Surviving) At Foodie Events

Trying to lose weight or building a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t mean we have to choose between enjoyment or punishment, socialising or missing out, food or starvation. Here are my favourite

Canada's Food Guide

Why I’m Adopting Canada’s New Food Guide

Canada is known for a lot of things... Maple Syrup, Ice Hockey, The Northern Light. And now we can add Canada's Food Guide to the list.

Simple San Choy Bow

One of my favourite quick and healthy recipes at the moment. Ready in under 10 minutes.

5 Trending Diets… Will They Help You Lose Weight, And Are They Right For you?

Keto, Paleo, Whole30, IIFYM, Vegetarian and Vegan, are all popular diets. But which one is the best one to lose weight? And which diet is the right one for you?

Want To Lose Fat? Stop Trying To Lose Weight!

This article explains why I not only don’t have a scale at home, but why I never weight myself in the traditional manner. At What Cost? More often than not,