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Fighting Fat Loss

Female Fitness Part 2: Why Women’s Bodies Fight Dieting

When it comes to reducing body fat, women are fighting tens of thousands of years of evolution... and here's how to fight it.

Woman Measuring Waist

Female Fitness Part 1: Women And Body Fat

Have you ever wondered why women tend to have more body fat then men? There are evolutionary and biological reasons for it.

Why Most People Fail Their New Year’s Resolution, And How You Can Succeed In 2019.

92% of people fail to achieve their New Year's Resolution... But this one thing can double your odds of succeeding!

Why We Fail To Change… Even If We Truly Want To

Why is it so easy to repeat bad habits yet so hard to form good ones? Which Level Of Change Do You Focus On? Why is it so easy to

Protein – The Secret To Weight Loss

  Many researchers and health professionals state that protein is a key nutrient for weight loss. Why? Because getting enough protein in your diet has been shown to: Reduce appetite