Are you ready to stop hating on your body?

To free yourself from hard-to-follow diet plans and punishing workout regimes?

Would you prefer to be fitter, healthier and more confident in your body and self?

Welcome to a refreshing take on health and fitness.

While some gyms focus on making their workouts as hardcore as possible, and others give out impossibly restrictive one-size-fits-all diet plans, at Konquer Fitness, we believe in helping our clients develop healthy habits that suit their needs and last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on decluttering the noise, and providing you with skills and knowledge you need to be empowered to feel confident, happy and accepting of your body.

And of course, if losing your belly, toning your arms, or getting a firm butt is what you want, we will give you the friendly support and guidance you need to not let anyone, including yourself, stop you from achieving your goals.

Want to know the secret to our clients success?

It’s not what all the ads and magazines would have you believe…

Are you ready?

The big difference between those who manage to lose the weight and keep it off, and those who don’t, it’s their habits!

And that’s our specialty.

Instead of simply giving you an impossible to stick to diet plan, or workout regime, we empower you with the steps, tools and knowledge to help you start making small changes to your everyday routine. And it’s those new, easy to maintain habits that will lead you to being a happier, healthier, fitter and more confident you for the rest of your life.

New to exercise or not sure what to do in the gym? Our 4 Week Kickstart Program has been designed especially for you!

Love the energy and support you get from other like-minded people? Semi-Private Personal Training will have you sweating and smiling from ear to ear!

Would you like maximum support and customisation? One-On-One Personal Training is the perfect place to start your fitness journey!

Not too sure about what program suits your needs best?

No worries!

Simply fill out the Registration Form, and we’ll give you a call to discuss what option is most suitable for your personal goals and needs.

Our Renowned Kickstart Program

Woman Holding Weight Fitness Near Me

You want to get fit and healthy, but the idea of stepping into the gym, let alone lifting a weight, makes you feel uncomfortable. There’s bars, dumbbells, and a whole bunch of machines, the only safe place feels like the treadmill. But that shouldn’t be the case.

The 4 Week Kickstart Program has been created for anyone who is new to the gym, or looking to learn the fundamentals of resistance (weight) training.

In just 4 weeks, you will learn to perform all the fundamental lifts safely and with good form, allowing you to progress with confidence into programs such as our One-on-One or Semi-Private Personal Training.


Trainer Experience

Qualified Master Trainer
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Completed Boxing Level 1 & 2 (2016)
Completed Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 (2017)
Studied Wellness Coaching Australia Level 1 & 2 (2018)
Studied Animal Flow Level 1 (2019)
Police Clearance & Working With Children Check
Experience with-in rehabilitation, exercise with injuries, mental health, seniors fitness, female specific issues, and combining weight-training with weight loss

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